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Arturia MiniFreak V: A Perfect Emulation of the Hardware

Legendary music company Arturia has dropped the MiniFreak V: A perfect emulation of their MiniFreak hybrid polysynth.

Worlds of software and hardware collide with Arturia’s MiniFreak now that they’ve released the MiniFreak V. It’s a plugin version of the hardware synth that is a like-for-like emulation of the recent release and owners of a registered MiniFreak will get it free.

With the release of the hardware in 2022, the MiniFreak is intended for those who wanted hyper flexibility — in both polyphony and the synth engine — and DAW connection. One year on they realised just how brilliant it would be to have a software emulation of this product. Maybe it’s your favourite synth and you want to use it on a plane trip? (Now that we’re travelling again!)

arturia minifreak V

Featuring 250 patches, the MiniFreak V beautifully entangles analog filters with digital voices, endless sequencing and tonnes of variation in the modulation. While mapping to any controller is easy as ever, the hardware MiniFreak perfectly mirrors the controls.

The MiniFreak V is one of those synths that does everything, and everything well. From big hoover polysynths to deep basses, to leads and pads, its a synth that doesn’t have limitations. The hardware MiniFreak was designed with the help of legendary designed Alex Hartman — who we interviewed and you can watch that here.

minifreak V

It’s currently on an introductory offer of US $99 as opposed to the standard price of US$199. Get in quick, this runs out on Feb 3rd, 2023. Find out more at Arturia.com.