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Understanding the importance of business acumen in creative roles

To the point of stereotype, it’s hard to find a creative who has properly invested in their business skillset. We’ll happily pour a thousand hours into the art of recording and songwriting, but balk at the idea of spending one day learning how to properly receive our APRA royalties.

In actual fact the most successful artists in any field – from the world’s largest musicians to its most proficient type designer – are the ones who are willing to take the business side of their art by the horns. If you think it’s time to set aside any distaste for the seemingly less sexy side of creative work and learn some essential new skills, the Australian Film, Television, and Radio School has a few upcoming courses with your name on it.

On the importance of business acumen in creative roles AFTRS

No, learning a thing or two about the business end of your work won’t dry up your creative juices. Becoming financially and professionally tuned in can be one of the most empowering career moves a creative can make.

Of course, there are artists who won’t need any help here. These courses – for example Developing IP and Doing It Right – are moreso aimed at freelancers and other creative industry personnel who find themselves with gaps in their knowledge. Gaps that could have been caused by anything from a personal lack of time to a generic lack of education around these topics – no doubt prevalent issues in the field.

These courses bolster AFTRS’ more creatively-focused certificates and seminars. If you’re producing video content for clients the Production Accounting Fundamentals could be for you, or if you’re a freelance writer or photographer, Developing IP and Doing It Right will lay down a few key lessons around your intellectual property rights. For small business owners with creatives who work as part of their staff, there’s Creating Healthy Workplaces.

Right now with COVID-19 blanketing the creative industries – our managers, retailers, and income sources becoming tougher to reach and make meaningful decisions with – there hasn’t been a better time to brush up on a few essential skills and future-proof yourself for whatever direction the market could turn.

In line with current social distancing regulations, all AFTRS courses are being delivered online via Zoom meetings, meaning you can complete them from the comfort of your home.

Check out what AFTRS has coming up below:

Upcoming Courses

30 April – Developing IP and Doing It Right – Details
11 May – Budgeting Fundamentals: Online – Details
18 May – Production Accounting Fundamentals – Details
26 May – Screen Business Essentials: Online – Details
28 May – Creating Healthy Workplaces – Details