Faith No More’s Mike Patton offers music and movie recommendations for isolation

Faith No More and Mr. Bungle frontman Mike Patton has shared a list of music and films that he’s been getting into during isolation.

Whilst he’s had to put his tour dates on hold, the musician has still also been busy working on new music for his several projects.

mike patton, faith no more

Faith No More frontman Mike Patton has opened up about how he’s been spending his time in quarantine, sharing a list of music and film recommendations.

Speaking in an interview with Rolling Stone, Patton described:

“[I’m] working on several records at once, which isn’t abnormal for me, but it is somehow refreshing to not have other distractions interfering.”

“However, the gravity of this situation does make things feel … different,” he continued. “Although I am lucky enough to hopefully survive this, I have had an entire year of tours cancelled, between different bands, and that certainly does weigh on me, the bands I’m working with, and obviously the fans who may or may not have purchased tickets! So … basically, it sucks.”

Speaking on his life in quarantine, he described:

“But personally, this lockdown lifestyle is not terribly different from my normal routine, as I’m quite hermetic and private. But sometimes it does resonate deeper — like, when you want to hit a restaurant with family or friends. No. What do we do? We adapt or die.”

Continuing on, Patton described that he’s been watching a lot of “epic” cinema and listening to a collection of “hallucinatory yet comforting” exotica and experimental music.

“Watch epic films,” he described. “To me, watching anything less than three hours doesn’t work in this time. Check out any sword-sandal epic, or gangster epic — anything that soaks up this quicksand of time we are in.” 

Check out his playlist and watchlist below.

Mike Patton’s Music Playlist:

Les Baxter – Space Escapade, The Passions, and Ritual of the Savage
Ferrante & Teicher – Denizens of the Deep
André Popp – Delirium in Hi-Fi
Dick Hyman – Electric Eclectics and Moon Gas
Yma Sumac – Voice of the Xtabay
Esquivel – Latin-Esque
Bernard Parmegiani – Pop’eclectic
Jean-Claude Vannier – Electro Rapide
Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research Inc. or Soothing Sounds for Baby
“The Voyager Golden Record”

Mike Patton’s Film List:

Lawrence of Arabia
The Godfather
Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy”
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
THX 1138
Woman in the Dunes
Panic Room
The Shining