Noah & The Void shares playlist of songs that inspired ‘The Deep End’

Earlier this year, we were treated to the old-school balladry and indie production of The Deep End, the recent single from Noah & The Void. 

A tender rumination on the need to protect one’s mental health, The Deep End sees the Rhode Island musician deliver a bittersweet message of healing, as soundtracked by sombre piano sections and punchy percussive flairs. 

While The Deep End is brilliant enough to rest on its laurels, Noah knows his artistry stands on the shoulders of giants.

Noah & The Void single 'The Deep End'

Below, the singer-songwriter swings by Happy to share a playlist of songs that inspired his new single, from the piano melodies of Jason Mraz to the heart-wrenching lyricism of King Krule.

Check out Noah & The Void’s full playlist below, and scroll down to listen to his new single The Deep End

I hold this playlist very near and dear to me because every track on it holds either a memory or a gust of inspiration within it.

From pumping me up, to a classic sit in the car and cry song, which I always seem to find myself connecting with more and more as I listen again and again. 

noah & the void

There are a couple tracks on this list in particular that inspired songs of my own, like The Deep End.

Songs like, The Forecast by Jason Mraz, Baby Blue by King Krule, and Evaporar by Little Joy, just to name a few, all hold within themselves key elements that acted as a muse while I wrote The Deep End.

The laid back instrumentation, the somber lyrics, the overwhelming feeling that you’re drowning. These are all key elements I wanted to use in my songwriting. 

The Forecast‘s piano melody grabs you from the get go, and the vocal melody is sung with the perfect matching inflection, creating a “vibe” if you will haha.

The lyrics Baby Blue are heart wrenching, which is exactly how I felt in the moment, during my writing process. 

Finally, it takes a song like “Evaporar”, a song in a foreign language to myself, to have a certain quality to it, if it can move someone to tears.. aka me.. in my car… lol.

Even though I didn’t know exactly what the writer was saying, I could feel it from how they sang, and how they played. I felt like I was underwater; a huge inspiration for The Deep End.

These are just a couple examples from this playlist I put together, and I hope that you can share some of the same experiences I did, while listening.