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Universal Audio launches LUNA ahead of schedule

With LUNA, Universal Audio has released their own dog in the DAW race—though it is branded as a ‘Recording System.’ Whatever the nomenclature, the software is set to be a boon for owners of Universal Audio Apollo hardware.

Real-time monitoring and Unison plugins are already available on UAD’s Console software. At best, it’s a workaround, but it can be downright annoying—flipping between Console and your host DAW’s screens to access preamp controls isn’t exactly conducive to a speedy workflow. So with LUNA, Universal Audio has brought hardware and software elements under one roof.UAD Luna

LUNA, Universal Audio’s new software recording system is here, ahead of schedule. It’s free for users of Mac-based Apollo Thunderbolt interfaces.

LUNA not only offers the benefits that Console users are already familiar with—chiefly Unison and real-time monitoring. It also aims to simplify multitrack recording workflows at a fundamental level.

Take Extensions for example. This means that you can switch on Neve Summing, or Studer Analog Tape across a whole session, so you can attain the authentic sonic signature of these analog machines without having to switch windows: it’s all embedded within the channel strips.

There’s also a suite of meticulously modelled virtual instruments, including the Ravel Grand Piano, Minimoog and a collection from the industry’s best in sample libraries, Spitfire Audio.

To find out more, visit the Universal Audio website.