UNIQLO celebrate Mario’s 35th birthday with their new collection

This year is a big year for Nintendo, whose most renowned creation Super Mario is celebrating its 35th anniversary. 

While Nintendo is going crazy in 2020 with new materials and remastering of some of their original games, other brands are jumping on board the party too.


Now, our favourite Japanese store UNIQLO has announced a very special Super Mario Collection that we are sure you are going to adore.

UNIQLO is celebrating Super Mario’s 35th anniversary in absolute style with the release of a range of cool new T-shirts, all featuring the Super Mario graphics that we all know and love. There is a total of eight men’s shirts in the collection, as well as six shirts and four shorts styles for kids.

Super Mario was initially created by Shigeru Miyamoto as a platform game designed for arcades in Japan. After many years and until this day, our good friend Mario has accumulated a cult following, setting benchmarks in the gaming world, inspiring Japanese fashion and remaining an icon within modern popular culture. While the Super Mario world has changed and developed so much over the years, with new gaming software, concepts, characters and consoles, Mario still remains the hero. UNIQLO’s new range really celebrates this and aims to feature the unique revolution of the Super Mario World.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to be lazy for the good of the humankind, what better time to dust off your old console and give Super Mario a go? And why not do it in style in one of UNIQLO’s awesome new shirts? You can take a look at the entire range here.