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Universal Audio unveil a new generation of interfaces with Apollo x4 and Twin X

Universal Audio has earned a stellar reputation in the world of audio interfaces thanks to their Apollo series. They’ve now expanded on their desktop line with the release of the new Apollo x4 and Twin X units.

The next-gen Apollo x4 and Twin X offer Unison preamps, inbuilt DSP and ship with a selection of UAD plugins.Apollo interfaces

Universal Audio introduce the new benchmark in desktop interfaces with the Apollo x4 and Twin X. Both units boast Unison preamps from SSL, API and Manley.

The Twin X is the upgraded version of the beloved Apollo Twin MkII. The unit keeps the same size and sleek look with Thunderbolt connectivity and is available in both duo and quad-core formats for running UAD plugins.

Additionally, the Twin X comes with two Unison-enabled preamps that model the impedance characteristics and gain stage “sweet spots” of a wide range of iconic preamps and guitar amps. There’s a Hi-Z instrument input too, plus a built-in talkback mic for a professional studio workflow.

The quad-core Apollo x4 takes what the Twin X has and essentially doubles it. The unit packs four Unison preamps, two Hi-Z instrument inputs and two independent headphone outputs. Each interface includes additional digital I/O via Optical ADAT/SPDI ports.

With names like Marshall, Fender, Lexicon and Moog delivering industry leading emulations that are compatible with these interfaces, Apollo is set to continue its dominance of the desktop field.

For more information visit the Universal Audio website.