Off to horny jail: men who send unsolicited dick pics will be jailed under new Finnish law

Finnish officials want to outlaw unsolicited sexual images, with those who send their unwanted and unflattering nudes facing six months imprisonment.

The term ‘horny jail’ could become a reality with Finland ministers moving to update sexual offence laws to ensure that men who send unsolicited dick pics are punished with up to six months in prison.

Current Finnish law only recognises sexual harassment as involving physical touching. However, the new draft legislation looks to broaden the definition to include “harassment verbally, through pictures or messages, taking photos of another or exposing oneself,” according to a statement.

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So, those sex pests who don’t realise that their unflattering full frontal isn’t quite appreciated could now face sentences ranging from a fine to a prison sentence.

A study this year put together by Plan International, a children’s rights charity, found that out of 14,000 young women aged 15 to 25 surveyed, 51 per cent had experienced online sexual harassment. A further 35 per cent of those had received explicit images.

Senior legislative advisor, Sami Kiriakos from Finland’s justice ministry, told AFP that the proposal of the new law is to be submitted next year before being put before parliament.

The studies based on questionnaires show that sexual harassment is quite common and that the victims of this type of behaviour are most often female, so it is very relevant to consider how it should be dealt with in law,” Kirakos said.

The proposal isn’t the only change wanted by Finnish officials, with sexual offences legislation getting a revamp that could also see the legal definition of rape changed to mean sex without consent. The current definition requires the involvement of physical violence or the threat of physical violence to be considered rape.

If the proposal is successful, Finland will have followed in the footsteps of Scotland who outlawed the behaviour in 2010, while the state of Texas has introduced a USD $500 fine for sending unwelcome sexual images.