This Valentine’s Day, the world is getting its first official dick pic filter

Kelsey Bressler is a 28-year-old web developer from the US. She’s just created a free filter which automatically blocks unwanted dick pics: safeDM.

It all started when she came across a photo of a stranger’s penis in her Twitter DMs…

dick pick filter, safedm

Kelsey Bressler has just created the world’s first official dick pic filter, so now you can check your messages without getting any unwanted phallus.

Speaking to Hack this week, Bressler said upon opening the photo she felt violated. The image was accompanied by the message: “Why don’t you talk to me?”

But her disgust soon turned to inspiration, after a friend suggested that Artificial Intelligence could be used to combat unsolicited pics in the future.

They realised that all they needed to do was create a database of dicks in order for the AI to learn what it was blocking.

So Bressler created another Twitter account – @showyodiq – where she asked the world to send her dick pics. “Send nudes for science,” was the description written in the “about me” section of the account.

Bressler’s request obviously tapped into a universally unsatisfied urge. She received around 4,000 pictures. Now, five months later the app is ready to go.

Whilst the filter won’t be able to detect every single dick, it does a pretty good job – ejecting 99% of those unwanted pictures from your messages.

Bressler says the one percent that has the potential to make it through the filter are “very strange scenarios”. 

For instance, if “someone coated their penis in glitter, or [drew] eyes and a mouth to make their penis into a face.”


The filter will start off as a plug-in on Twitter, but Bressler is hoping to eventually enable it as a Chrome plugin.

Last year, triple j’s What’s Up In Your World survey found that more than half of young women have received unwanted explicit images, as compared to only one-fifth of young men.

The filter will be available from next Friday. For more info head to safeDM, or follow @showyodiq on Twitter.

On the other side of the spectrum, David The Robot earns his followers by drawing dick pics on Instagram.