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The newly-opened Britney Spears museum looks like a total circus

Oops… she did it again! In most important news this week, a Britney Spears museum has opened in Los Angeles and tickets are currently on sale.

Titled The Zone, this pop-up exhibition promises to immerse you in “the next dimension of Britney fandom.”

Britney Spears herself has donated pieces to make The Zone the best fan experience possible.

And this museum – AKA shrine – is the real deal. Featuring ten interactive rooms, each ‘scene’ is an experience curated to mimic key film clip moments across Spears’ career. For around $65 a pop, you can spend up to 90 minutes surrounded by 30,000 square feet of Britney-themed spaces –  from her 1998 Baby One More Time classroom to a tropical jungle surrounded by giant psychedelic mushrooms.

And you better believe that you will get the full pop culture “Britney B!tch experience” – actors styled as characters from her video clips will (force) encourage you to dance to a constant overlay of Spears’ music as you move through the museum. After which, your temporary ‘radio-frequency identification bracelet’ will take photos and a video feed of you and send them to an app for later viewing and enjoyment.

This whole experience sounds like a bit of a circus, only one thing is for sure – there won’t be any head-shaving at this event.


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February 7, 2020