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UVI: Falcon Version 3 – for cooking up the perfect synth sound

Calling all sound designers

Software instruments are out of control. If you’ve got a laptop the possibilities are becoming pretty much endless. If the world of computer based synthesis and sound design is up your alley then oh have we got a treat for you.

UVI  Falcon is a ‘creative hybrid instrument’ and it is not for the faint of heart. Currently sitting in its third iteration (version 3), Falcon is the toolbox you need if you’re looking to dive right into the deep end of creative sound design.


Patches on Falcon are built up on a few individual components. If you’re a synth dude, the parameters of each of these components will be familiar to you.

The first layer is a keygroup which features modulators and ‘per voice’ controls. This then feeds a layer which you can then apply with effects, modulators and events.


All of this then makes up a patch. Then, as is the Falcon way, you can layer multiple patches in a ‘multi’ to make all of your sonic dreams come to life.

In these ‘multi’ patches you have full control with a mixing section which you can further process patches with over 100 studio effects (compression, eq, reverb, all that good stuff).

Studio Effects

When it comes to building your sounds you’ve got 20 different modulator types from classics like subtractive and FM synthesis to sample timestretching modulators.

These are then controlled by classic ADSR envelopes, or step sequencers, or multi segment envelopes. Whatever you could ask for this has got it. It’s a synth nerd’s wet dream.

If all this sounds a little overwhelming (and trust me you’re not alone) and you want to just have access to some immediately playable cool sounds, don’t fret, Falcon has hundreds of presets and program templates built in by people that actually know what they’re doing with it. They’re also a great way to get your head wrapped around all of the functions and features.

Version 3

When you load up a patch you’ll be given a pretty info page with just a few adjustable macros so you can jump right into making music.

If you’re a film composer or you’re writing for sync, there’s a lot of inspiring sounds kicking around in here especially if you’re looking to get cinematic; synth brass, synth voices, more classic synth sounds, etc.

I’m gonna be honest. You probably won’t catch me reaching for Falcon in a recording session. I much prefer a synth with more traditional parameters that I can quickly reach for and pull up a cool and easy sound. But Falcon isn’t aimed at me. This is for those musos with ‘sound designer’ written somewhere on their resume.


It’s for those people who hide away in their dark rooms cooking up the perfect synth sound for hours and absolutely love it. If I’m describing you, then Falcon will absolutely be your thing. Throw in its ability to mangle any sample you throw at it and there’s a whole heap of possibilities jammed in.

You can pick UVI Falcon up for 349 USD and if you’re keen to read on and learn a little more. Or if you’re looking for some more in depth guides to get really stuck into this deep deep program, head over to their website.