30th Anniversary Tour: Dinosaur Jr. Brings ‘Where You Been’ to Aus/NZ

Dinosaur Jr. is coming to Australia and New Zealand, and they’re bringing a couple of mates along for the ride.

The legendary indie-rockers Dinosaur Jr., who have been responsible for spawning countless indie bands in their wake, are commemorating 30 years of their iconic album ‘Where You Been.’

Bringing along, Stepmother (for the Aussies) and the Ōtepoti/Dunedin trio Office Dog (for our Kiwi mates) expect nothing short of pure Fender Jazz Master indie rock goodness.

dinosuar jr aus/nz tour 2024

The tour kicks off in Sydney at the Enmore Theatre on Feb 21, then ventures to The Tivoli in Brisbane on Feb 23, moves down to Hindley Street Music Hall in Adelaide on Feb 26, and swings by the Astor Theatre in Perth on Feb 28. wrapping up the tour in  Auckland on March 2, with Office Dog sharing the stage.

Dinosaur Jr.’s “Where You Been” album, released in 1993, is a sonic masterpiece that solidified the band’s place in the alternative rock pantheon. Marked by the distinctive guitar work of frontman J Mascis, the album is a journey through the lush landscapes of melodic distortion and introspective lyricism. “Where You Been” showcases a maturation of Dinosaur Jr.’s sound, blending the raw energy of their earlier work with a refined sense of songwriting.

The album’s standout tracks, including “Start Choppin'” and “Out There,” exemplify Mascis’s signature guitar solos and emotive vocals, creating a sonic experience that resonates with both grit and vulnerability.

With its rich textures and dynamic shifts, “Where You Been” captures the essence of early ’90s alternative rock, leaving an enduring imprint on the era’s musical legacy. The album is a testament to Dinosaur Jr.’s ability to evolve while staying true to their roots, making “Where You Been” a timeless gem in the band’s discography.

So, if you’ve somehow missed the Dinosaur Jr. live experience till now, here’s your golden ticket. J Mascis, Lou Barlow, and Murph are all set to unleash the classics, armed with over 30 years of stage mastery.

Grab your tickets at Frontier Touring, and join the celebration.

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