Vegan activist hits back at legal system with topless protest after guilty verdict

Vegan activist Tash Peterson stripped off in front of the courthouse after she was handed a guilty verdict for disorderly conduct.

On Wednesday, activist Tash Peterson was found guilty for disorderly conduct for protesting topless, smeared in blood in a Perth Louis Vuitton store last year.

So to get back at the justice system, Peterson protested topless again, directly outside the courthouse in which she was charged.

Credit: Iain Gillespie/The West Australian

The activist walked straight out of the courthouse, taking off her shirt to reveal pink nipple tape and a message written across her chest that said, “wear ur own skin,” in reference to companies making clothes out of animal products.

Speaking on the original protest, Peterson shared to Instagram: “We got through the evidence in one day instead of two days, and will appear next Wednesday in court for the final decision on whether our conduct was disorderly or now.”

Following the guilty verdict, she updated her followers on the outcome, writing, “Today’s verdict – convicted of disorderly
conduct for highlighting the atrocities occurring in the leather, wool, fur, down, scale and silk industries. These industries are subjecting others of different species to rape, enslavement, torture, abuse and murder – for the sake of a piece of clothing or “fashion” item.”


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On top of protesting animal rights, Peterson also has an OnlyFans page with more than 30,000 likes.

The activist staged a similar protest at her first hearing as well, taking off her shirt to reveal the words “dairy is rape”.

What a way to piss off the justice system in a country that is actively trying to ban any form of effective protesting.