‘Let Go’ with Cellarr’s boppy new single

Aukland-based indie-pop outfit Cellarr have given fans a taste of what’s to come with their latest single Let Go.

Featuring members from former pop-punk band Maybe Rave, Cellarr have given fans a teaser for their upcoming EP with their new single, Let Go.

The track features vocalist Lilly Carron, also from Aukland, teaming up for a bouncy duet that will be welcomed by any indie-pop lover that lays ears on it.

Cellarr band
Credit: Press

Let Go touches on the relatable experience of attempting to distract yourself when you’re trying to let go of someone or something, but it never works because distraction is such a short-lived fix.

The bass-livened chorus and memorable melody will appeal to anyone who enjoys the likes of Kita Alexander or Tia Gostelow, while the feathery touches of synth deliver the same sensations as neon-bright ’80s pop.

Let Go is just the fourth single shared by Cellarr, but the quadrant of releases already opens insight into the group’s personality, and stylistic flare.

The three-piece have posted snippets for a music video that will accompany the single, but are yet to reveal when it will be released. But we can confirm that it involves dimly lit settings and torches.

Listen to Let Go now on whatever platform you fancy, or check out the snippet below.