A puppy with two penises and extra limbs survives rare surgery

A German Shepherd born with two penises has defied the odds and lived through a rare surgery to remove said extra bits.

The puppy known as Raga was born with six legs, an extra colon, four testicles and two penises, and their life expectancy was forecast not to be too long.

This stemmed from a list of issues caused by the mismatched appendages. It’s not particularly rare for animals or even humans to be born with extra parts but sometimes complications to arise.

Before the surgeries, Raga was prone to incredibly severe colon infections as the faecal matter would move the multiple fussed organs. These infections required powerful antibiotics to combat.

dog with 6 legs
Image: Raga’s extra legs / US TODAY

Anita Horne, hospital manager at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Fishers, Indiana, during an interview, said: “He probably shouldn’t be alive, he was such a mess,“.

Raga was a rescue puppy brought to the clinic shortly after its birth. Many suspected they would soon die, which is the typical fate of small animals born with additional extremities.

Raga is a happy and healthy 7-month-old puppy thanks to two rare surgeries. One was performed in December 2021 to remove their two extra legs and extra pelvis, and the one in February 2022 was for the other organs, including one of the two penises.

Image: Raga / US TODAY

Raga is expected to have a third surgery to remove the extra testicles embedded into Raga’s abdominal wall.

Currently, Raga lives with Gina Elliot, one of the clinic supervising technicians, on a temporary basis. Though she didn’t initially see herself as a “German Shepherd gal“, the two have bonded, and she has decided to adopt the puppy.

There are many reasons why someone might put an animal up for adoption, some of them unjustified, but if you’re on the market for your very own pup to love, consider adopting. We’re just delighted about this happy ending for Raga.