Vena Klymo is “no fucking saint” on refreshingly candid new single ‘Soft Spot’

On her lush new single ‘Soft Spot’, Australian singer-songwriter Vena Klymo dismantles an idealised view of herself with wit and charm. 

Vena Klymo has delivered pure indie-pop confection on her clapback of a new single, titled ‘Soft Spot’.

The sassy new track marks the folk singer-songwriter’s first release since her 2018 debut album ‘Motions & Potions’, ushering in a new era with bitey lyricism and infectious production courtesy of Lttle Kng. 

Vena Klymo 'Soft Spot'

There’s a feel-good energy that courses all throughout ‘Soft Spot’, helped along by leisurely beats and Klymo’s penchant for catchy hooks.

Subtle percussion and glittery synths provide the basis for this eclectic track, which later features jazzy guitar melodies and finger-click snares.

All of it amounts to a sunlit ditty that could soundtrack an afternoon bike ride; a daydream of a song that could fill out bedrooms or intimate live gigs. While the production is lush enough to pull focus, it’s Klymo’s vocals that take centre stage.

Her delivery, much like Stella Donnelly or Mallrat, is frank and matter-of-fact in a way that oozes personality, and she enriches it with airy harmonies and ascendant riffs.

Vena Klymo 'Soft Spot'

It’s one thing to deliver charismatic vocals and production, but Klymo tops it all off through the sheer magnetism of her pen. 

Refreshingly candid, ‘Soft Spot’ sees Klymo deconstruct a partner’s idealised view of herself, sifting through a laundry list of her less favourable qualities.

In telling someone she’s “not the girl you think I am,” the singer-songwriter describes herself with razor-sharp wit as “the darkness,” and “ferocious”, before revelling in the “shitty habits I’ll play down for you.”  

“You think that I’m just a sweet little underdog,” she quips, “I’m no fucking saint.” It’s a level of blunt sincerity that’s all-too rare in the pop landscape, and Klymo pulls it all off with a sense of tangible relatability.

Vena Klymo 'Soft Spot'

‘Soft Spot’ was recorded in Bellingen, and is the result of years spent hiding out in the bush creating new music. It promises a bold and refreshing new step for the breakout star, and we simply can’t wait to hear more. 

Listen to Vena Klymo’s new single ‘Soft Spot’ below.