Venice on Fire punch nuance into an alt-rock masterpiece on ‘Burning’

There’s no denying that only the most brilliant artists can successfully engrave complex emotions into records. It is the obvious instinct to lean towards deeper, richer sounds when conveying this to audiences: a sauntering cadence serves as the perfect gateway for shared experiences to echo, while melting notes cascade our experiences with sensitivity. However, it seems that the most formidable stories are the ones that have been unravelled in the most unexpected ways. Enter Venice on Fire.

Where their contemporaries softly trace the edges of these moments, the Queensland rockers sharply cut through. Their latest single Burning is the perfect example of this. Combining nuanced lyrics with the acidity of ’90s rock, they are elevating sonic storytelling into another dimension.

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Photo: Darcy Campbell

Candid agony told through crunching riffs? Venice On Fire are expressing stories in the most addictive way. Their latest single Burning is certainly no exception.

Fresh off the success of their latest single Issues, the Toowoomba/Brisbane trio prove that they’re no stranger to tearing up the floor. Their melodies are addictive, their energy is ferocious, and their sound has the potential to fill stadiums. It’s music that you can’t help but jam to. 

Yet, underneath this sonic is a treasure trove of poignant reflections on life, loss, and heartbreak. “I’m always fascinated by human interactions, especially the little moments that make up a scene,” frontman Tom Gillespie explained in a press release.


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Friends! You can pre-save our new single #burning on @spotifyaunz and @applemusic now! Thanks to @d_art_stipples for the video ❤❤❤

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Their latest addition Burning navigates a toxic friendship and the complexities that come with addressing the situation. “This whole encounter lasts probably 15 minutes,” Gillespie explained. “So I wanted to focus in on the narrator’s nervousness before meeting his friend, the anger felt by his friend and aftermath that reveals a quiet peace.”

The song’s title says it all. Venice on Fire reflect the intensity of our worst emotions through an equally intense sonic palette. No second is put to waste and the translation is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

It’s no surprise that this has captured the attention of music-lovers. With their work featured on Apple Music-curated playlists, digital and community radio airwaves, and a number of outstanding reviews under their belt, Venice On Fire are on a roll with no intention of slowing down soon. 

Have a listen to Burning below: