Verzache: “the whole project is a pretty wide open door into my personal life”

Meet Verzache, a bedroom pop star bludgeoning his way through streaming services with laidback hooks, a breezy guitar sound, and a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve.

“Heyoo what’s good I’m Verzache and I write/produce a lot of music in the Indie/Bedroom pop and hip hop world. If you’re a fan of nostalgic emotional songs, a lot of guitar, synths and bass, then give my stuff a listen!!”

Since he was a teenager, Zach Farache has been creating music with the DIY ethic at heart. Going by the stage name Verzache, his tunes hit a sweet-spot between the overused lo-fi aesthetic and something more meticulously produced. Crunchy drum beats lay beneath swelling vocal hooks and delicate guitar lines, a wonderful combination that’s winning fans by the thousands.

vezache messed up
Photo: ‘Messed Up’ cover art

Though he hit the scene in 2016 with debut EP D97, Verzache’s productivity simply exploded in 2020. He’s released four singles so far, all leading into a larger project named My Head is a Moshpit, which will come your way sometime in 2021.

“2020 was an unexpected change but I’ve managed to keep myself busy”, he shared.

“Moved downtown out of the parents’ crib, been making a lot of music and seeing friends here and there. Mentally the year has taken a toll on me but I’m doing good right now! Hoping to move into the new year on a good note.”

Calling is the latest from camp Verzache, an earworm number with verses edging on rap. It belies a sophistication that he’s been honing further and further into with his production – each single snappier than the last.

“I think this year I’ve learned a lot about my sound and what I’m into. It’s been a cool experience figuring out what works for me and what doesn’t but I have a better sense of clarity now. My work ethic is a work in progress so that’s something I’m focusing on making more efficient.”

The upcoming project My Head is a Moshpit catalogues this transformation from Verzache, as he simultaneously grows up as a person and as a producer. Your early 20s are a tumultuous time, regardless of whether or not millions of people are listening to your music.

“I think My Head is a Moshpit is a representation of the mental struggles I’ve gone through over the two years I took to make the project. Got me at the lowest of my lows and the highest of my highs so it’s definitely all over the place.”

“The whole project is a pretty wide open door into my personal life but I think the vulnerability is what makes it unique. I’m hoping people can relate or simply just jam to it!!”

It’s clear that people are connecting to Verzache for his skills and personality alike. The audience is there, and they’re hungry for more. Stay tuned for more on Verzache’s Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.


Calling is out now via Caroline Australia.