Vid O’ The Week: White Reaper – Cool

Jay Reatard is reincarnate, and he looks a little like Adam DeMamp with a Robert Smith hairdo. White Reaper are a punk band from Louisville Kentucky who are nailing the most difficult part of adhering to the well worn formula of Tyrannosaurus era Hives and The Ramones – looking fucking Cool.

white reaper

If your social schedule is anything like mine, then this week’s Vid O The Week from White Reaper will probably be the closest you’ll get to the perfect house party.

Funnily enough, their song Cool isn’t about how cool they are – and of course what respected musician would ever revel in such a glowing self appraisal? No, their song is about how cool this lady is, and if it’s the lady on the left at 0:07 then yeah, fair enough, she looks pretty cool. But what cool things would be keeping her awake at night?

Only the RADDEST BASEMENT PARTY YOU’VE EVER SEEN! Let’s play cool kids party bingo here – dude in a monster mask? Check. A no bullshit rock and roll band? Check. You’re allowed to smoke indoors? Check. Some smoking hot chicky babes? Double Check. Beers? Ch… wait, no beers? No beers. Not a can, bottle or keg in sight! Sorry White Reaper, I’m gonna have to decline that invite.

White Reaper released their debut EP late last month and are currently providing their eternally antithetical wares via super cool cassette (cassette?!?) and a 12″ clear pink record at Polyvinyl Records. While Cool is the opening track and obvious single, their EP consists of five more awesomely fuzzed out tracks. While the sheer signal crushing sounds of the guitars on the record takes centre stage, there is no denying that the drummer for this band is an absolute madman, belonging to the Helders school of drumming that states that if there’s room to keep a beat, there’s room for a fill. Listen to the skin bashing insanity that is Half Bad below.

The band are playing their next show in Louisville Kentucky on the 24th of July at Headliners Music Hall. We don’t know if any of our readers are gonna be in Louisville Kentucky this week, nor do we know if our readers have ever been to Louisville Kentucky, so for a bit of a softer experience, head over to Daytrotter to listen to their live sesh!



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