Lady Lazarus just want to be left alone with their Pint of VB

Coining their own offical slogan with We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Ready For A Beer, Lady Lazarus are here to subvert expectations and set their own path alight

Australian punk rock four piece Lady Lazarus have set their intentions, and they’re not asking for a lot. A pint of VB, and the ability to challenge what it means to be in a ‘girl band.’

In just a few months, the band have drawn attention and awe, despite only forming in September of this year.

lady lazarus new single

Celebrating their queerness with debut single Hannah Banana, Lady Lazarus have been turning heads and garnering a following of like minded punk lovers.

Their follow up single, Pint Of VB, plays into the groups jovial sense of humour, and desperate desire for a good time.

Bringing the energy of their explosive live show into the realm of recording, Pint Of VB is relentless in its mission to land a few punches.

Gang vocals, rough guitars and an incessant snare drum put up an intense fight. In typical punk fashion, the song barely clocks in at two minutes, but it’s more than long enough to get a visceral sense of just who Lady Lazarus are.

With the growl of Courtney Love and the thrash of The Chats, Pint Of VB refuses to be ignored or forgotten. Commanding and deeply unapologetic, Lady Lazarus feel like a reawakening of our female punk ancestors.

Pint Of VB simmers with frustration and brews with an intoxicating female rage.

Intensely raw in its composition and production, Pint Of VB elicits a sense of reckless abandon.

Lady Lazarus insist that all eyes and ears remain on them, even when all they’re asking for is to be left alone with a cigarette and a soothing Pint Of VB.

With such immense success in such a startlingly short period of time, it would be foolish not to follow whatever pub they smash into next.


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Stay tuned, Pint Of VB is set for release this month, check out Instagram for launch info.