Vid O’ The Week – Flyying Colours

Okay, so this is my first time doing a Vid O’ The Week, and there’s a surprising amount to get your head around in doing a Vid O’ The Week. Firstly, where does the apostrophe go in the title? How does one filter out the insipid singer songwriters covering Lana Del Rey songs on Youtube searches? Do music videos even still exist?

Eventually I worked it all out, and after a top three list that included this video and this video, I finally settled on the relatively recent video for the new track from Flyying Colours.

flyying colours

If you’ve been listening to FBi or paying attention to the internet, you’ll know the song. Like the Melbourne four piece’s inaugural work WavyGravy, the piece succinctly sums up noise-pop. Never overstepping the line, the band have found a sound that they seem incredibly comfortable in, and a format that has been landing them on the radars of a ton of music media.

Not Today is a departure from Flyying Colours previous clips – Wavygravy and Like You Said both consist mostly of footage of the bands performing the songs in question, doused in aftereffects. While this is real cool and I think the pretty girl on guitar in Like You Said who dances like Elaine is a nice addition, it looks like the band have decided it was time for a change.

The latest vid, to put it in the most clichéd way possible, is like watching one of those high school Science class videos on LSD. Now, when I say “it’s like X on acid!” I don’t mean its a little trippy or that its a bit weird – I mean it genuinely captures the imagery experienced when laying down and closing your eyes about two hours into an acid trip.

The image of a person in a harness flying overhead, as seen through a small circular lens surrounded by a grey aubergine is the type of vague visuals you get when you’re tripping, as with the little calendar and melting paint imagery that appears afterwords. The only difference is that when the video is over, it says The End – you don’t get that when you’re on drugs.

Clearly, the video intends to teach us something – there is (quite aptly) a diagrammatical colour spectrum which allows only a certain wavelength of light through, there’s several examples of light refraction throughout the video, all overlayed on space footage from the 1950’s and 60’s. What is it trying to say? Where are they going with this?

I’ve watched it a few times and it still seems just to be a collection of cool imagery, arranged in a vaguely artistic manner. Goldfish swimming on a dancing lady? Gotta be art. Like a mysterious tome purchased from a strange vendor whose shop mysteriously disappears the next day, I feel that the hidden message behind the video will elude mankind for decades, because I’m not working it out any time soon – certainly Not Today…



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