Vid O'The Week: Grace – Pluto

Grace‘s music video for her debut single, Pluto, has crammed a lot of things associated with the unnerving supernatural themes seen in blockbuster movies, and transformed it into an otherworldly, artistic piece – think Dementors, the Silver Surfer, the T-1001 liquid metal terminator, and the sci-fi movie Lucy.

The video has this overwhelming sense of impurity – doused in symbolic black blood and rich with liquid metal – but again ironically portrays it in a rather majestic form . The colour of silver, which is heavily featured in the video, has a feminine energy – it is seen as emotional, sensitive and mysterious, and signifies change and reflection. With that in mind, this video is complex and hits the mark on so many levels.


Perth’s electro pop songstress, Grace, has elevated the status of an already successfully track with a richly complex and highly commendable music video.

Directed by Toby & Pete, this accomplished video which uses detailed CGI, follows Grace as she absorbs the dark energy that surrounds her – the dichotomy between black and white and the transition between the two emotional states is visually engaging and clear.

Pluto is hypnotic and toxic to listen to, juxtaposing between a sense of menace and breaking free from a tangled state of mind. The rocking beats, alarming percussion and woeful harmonies, creates vivid imagery of the cosmos.

In an interview with Speaker TV, Grace explained the concept behind Pluto: “I used Garden of Eden imagery to reference the temptation of wanting something out of bounds, giving in and chaos erupting. Overall I wanted to convey the fighting of an urge – whatever your vice may be, but then succumbing to the temptation because the momentary joy you get from it outweighs the consequence.”

Coming away from supporting Glass Animals, you can catch Grace at the following festivals.

The Secret Garden: Friday 27th Feb – Saturday 28th Feb

The Hills Are Alive:  Friday 27th Feb – Sunday 29th March



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