Worlds first video game branded weed strain

You read the headline correctly; an American based indie video game developer has worked to produce a weed strain for their new horror video game release.

Talk about a genius marketing strategy but before we talk about the weed strain, let’s discuss why you’ll probably need it for this video game.

Developed by Isaac Torres, Zack Kennedy, and Andrew Diatroptoff, The Lost & The Wicked is a “brutal twin-stick psycho-thriller” where players wake up “surrounded by strange creatures, confused and with no memory.”.

Players must kill to survive as they explore their unknown surroundings to answer a simple question; “Are you lost or are you wicked?”. This sounds like an incredibly stressful situation.

As a part of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the indie team showcased the game and their new partnership with North Country Pharms to create Wicked Indica, the “World’s First Video Game Branded Marijuana Strain”.

For those that don’t know, weed strains are usually divided into two types; Sativa or Indica. Indica strains typically have higher concentrations of CBD, resulting in its use having more of a relaxing, sedative effect.

Essentially, what you need after playing a psycho-thriller game whose core design is based around regret, facing your demons, and confronting your past.

Wicked Indica weed strain
Image: Wicked Indica weed strain / Isaac Torres

Though this may be the first video game weed strain, it’s not the first and last time that products and brands have decided to create their own strains, and we’re all for it!

If you’re in San Fransico over the next couple of days, you should head down to the Moscone Center to check out some games and potentially get your hands on this new gaming-themed weed strain.