Video Premiere: Bearhug – Borderlines

Here at Happy, we’re not afraid to tell you exactly what should be on your road trip mixtape, over and over again if necessary. As it stands, the words “road trip” appear in articles for Unreleased Life, DIIV, Glass Skies, Hannah Rosa, Mimicking Birds, Twin Beasts, La Luz, Louis London and now this article premiering the latest video for Bearhug.


Bearhug preview their upcoming release So Gone with a video that would make this guy proud.

And rightly so, as this aforementioned vid for their awesome new single Borderlines is pretty heavy on the roads and the trips. Following a trend in the local music world of using old handheld VHS tape recorders to give a grungy, pre-digital feel to the clip, this nigh on three minute clip has a serious nostalgia trigger warning. Everything from the little phase alternating line artefacts to what I can only assume is genuine television snow at the beginning gives this a clip a warm fuzziness.

Speaking of which, would you just listen to that guitar on the song behind the video? Ooooooooof. Long, hoopy crunch tones abound in layers that run much deeper than you first appreciate. hella textural and blissfully unaware of the neighbours trying to get some work done next door, there’s a sonic youthfulness to Borderlines that kinda makes me wish the track was a lot longer.

Bearhug have announced the release of their second album So Gone, slated for release on the 12th of September via Spunk Records. Stay tuned to their socials below for all the latest news on tour dates for the record’s launch. For now though, go plug in that squier you got for your 15th birthday, slash the cone on your practice amp and pretend you’re in Bearhug.