Video Premiere: Cause In Affect – Yet To Be Written

The wait for a much anticipated return of the legendary 3 piece alternative rock group from Brisbane, Cause In Affect is at last, over and we can all stop tossing and turning at night wondering…why did that band that had an amassing fan base, due to their  fiery sound and enthralling presence, just stop it all? All the answers you want will be revealed in this 13 part, full-lengthed documentary Yet To Be Written.


Alternative rockers Cause In Affect are finally back after an agonising 3 year wait – they’ve got a new album and a full length doco- finally some answers!

Their documentary, which took a massive two years in the making, takes a behind the scenes look at the band’s writing and recording progress for their second album Seraph  and all the challenges it presented. For an Independent Brisbane band, Cause In Affect and director Sarah Robinson have put in an incredible amount of effort to produce  this impressive rockumentary and the results are nothing short of exciting and polished, as they entice us with a video premiere  here on Happy- the 13 part doco will be released over 13 weeks. 

With Chris Skinn (guitar and something else which we won’t ruin, so check out the video!), Eman ( bass) and Nick Skinn ( drums), their new album will be a testament to how things have changed and what has remained from the things we’ve grown to love them for – their glitchy electronic samples, aggressively driving guitar riffs, and powerfully raucous rock vocals which give rock bands their edge.

Opening with a visual spectacle of the healing effects that music plays in our lives, we are soon introduced to the band who give us the low down on what was taking place while  no shows, or no new music looked like the end of Cause In Affect.

The guys have just finished up their second tour since July, and are now taking a break to prepare for their final tour of the year. Seraph is set to be released November so keep an eye out for it! Good to have you back boys and we can’t wait to here what you have install for us all.