Video Premiere: French for Rabbits – Gone Gone Gone

When I first saw the words ‘French for Rabbits’ in my email subject line I got a wee bit excited. Rabbits, learning French? OMG. GTFO. BRB coz I just can’t even. Then I realised that since this was a work email this had to be something music related, and alas it was not a musical starring French rabbits. It was something better. So I invite you to surrender yourself to the serene soundscape of French for Rabbits and Happy’s premiere of their video Gone Gone Gone.

French for Rabbits

There may be no actual bunnies involved, but New Zealand’s French for Rabbits is all the the warmth and serenity you need. Their new clip for Gone Gone Gone proves that effortlessly.

The last article that we featured on French for Rabbits pretty much nailed these guys’ sound; they’re dream pop done right, with lush production and beautifully engaging vocals. Despite the rich tapestry that is their sound, French for Rabbits is built on the foundation of a two man band, placing them in the category of awesome two piece groups like DZ Deathrays and Royal Blood, but obviously without all the balls to the wall, head banging riffs. No garage rock aesthetic to rock here for you wayward teen. Instead vocalist Brooke Singer and guitarist John Fitzgerald managed to pull together a dream pop sound that is  neither pretentious or blasé. With the sublime instrumentation of their band mates built around them, French for Rabbits proudly unleashed their debut EP Spirits last October.

Coming off that dreamy ten-tracker is the new single Gone Gone Gone, a track that maintains a sense of whimsical wonder without ever diving off the cliff into sentimental silliness. Despite the pretty guitars and Brooke’s whispering vocals there is a sense of loneliness to the track. “Will he be there when I need a hand to hold through the winter nights? And everything is gone, gone, gone like the leaves on the old oak tree” is a pretty lonely sentiment to have which puts it at odds with the video for the clip.

The clip for Gone Gone Gone is essentially a tour video, those loathsome things that feature grainy footage of band members goofing off hastily cut together with performance footage. Don’t worry, you won’t find that here. The video for Gone Gone Gone was shot over a six month period incorporating footage from Portugal, Indonesia and the group’s native New Zealand, documenting simple things like water fights, kite flying and shared tales from an elderly gentleman.

Rather than getting a behind the scenes look at the rowdiness of tour life, what we are given here is a snapshot of what real life is all about. It’s those quiet moments, the ones that are easy to take for granted, that just involve people sharing with each other. As the lady on the track sings “My heart is your heart”, and that is a sentiment that is not lost with this clip.



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