Video Premiere: NOIRE – Those Days

Fresh from a holiday overseas, this welcome home for me doesn’t come any sweeter than this – a track to instil and delight within me all the nostalgically precious moments, as well as the sadder truths that inevitably come with a trip away – goodbyes are the worst.

It’s endearing new music like that of NOIRE and the soundtracks that followed my every move on the holiday, that will continue to remind me of those days as they do the rounds on my music playlists.


With multi-ARIA award-winning producer behind them, the debut EP for Sydney’s dream pop group, NOIRE, is shaping up to be a beautiful and nostalgic wonder.

Those Days is the first single off the band’s debut EP. I’m instantly drawn in by the retro and delicately immoveable synth progression that pleasantly pops out of the blue. The track is quick to accept its more modest core with the welcoming comfort of lead singer’s soft and spiritual vocals.

With Jessica Mincher (vocals & keys), Billy James (guitar), Nick Welsh (drums), and Chris Stewart (bass), Sydney’s NOIRE is dreamy in that it calms the mind, but it still has room to grow when it comes to engrossing you into a state of irrevocable dreaminess. Something tells me NOIRE has more to offer and this sentiment excites me greatly – they are elegant and grounded with an assured sound, setting them up for something mesmerising.

HAPPY: Where was the video filmed and what’s the concept behind it?

NOIRE (aka Jess): The video was filmed at my parents farm in Amamoor, QLD, over the new year while we were all home for Christmas. We wanted to create something impressionistic, as if you were seeing it as a memory. Films like Virgin Suicides and Picnic at Hanging Rock were a strong influence in creating that dreamy and nostalgic look, with those two references in mind we set out for it to feel quite feminine as well.

HAPPY:  Where does the name NOIRE originate from?

NOIRE: We were sharing idea’s back and forth on Soundcloud while writing and I was using hashtags to describe the sound in the tracks, #popnoire was one and our drummer Nick suggested using NOIRE and we loved it.

HAPPY:  What can we expect from the rest of the EP and will there be further single releases before April?

NOIRE: Our next single, titled Baby Blue will be coming out in March. This next song was recorded live with the vocals overdubbed and doesn’t have a lot of synth, so it feels very pure, free and beautiful to me. The guitar work on this track is my favourite out of all the songs too. If the EP was a colour it would be a dark royal, shimmering blue.

HAPPY: Who are the band’s musical influences and what is it about these artists that you try to translate into your music?

NOIRE:The classics are always a good source of inspiration for us, artists list Jeff Buckley, David Bowie, Nina Simone, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Debussy – nothing too out of the ordinary. Although Nick, our drummer only really listens to Blues and swing bands.

We really love how these artists craft songs, they remain timeless. I guess with artists like Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone they have so much purity and honesty in their emotions and expressions which is what I really admire.

I really love soundtracks as well, Air’s for Virgin Suicides, Ry Cooders for Paris Texas and Angelo Badalamenti’s for Twin Peaks are my favourite.

HAPPY:  Do the members in the band have previous experience in other music groups?

NOIRE: The guys are all from very musical families so they all grew up playing in various bands. In highschool Billy and Chris had a hard-core band called Misanthropy ha, and I grew up learning classical piano which involved a lot of accompaniment for singers and playing in eisteddfods.

Directed and filmed by artist Siena Hart, the video for Those Days discovers the perfect place for a summertime adventure. Recorded by multi-ARIA award-winning producer Wayne Connolly (think The Vines, You Am I and Youth Group), NOIRE’s debut EP, Baby Blue, is expected to be released in April. With a love of baby pink, the aura of NOIRE is really starting to take shape as one that nurtures unconditional love with an appreciation for bluesy ways.

They’ve played alongside the likes of Mosman Alder and Dappled Cities, and with Those Days and the single Pilgrims released , it’s only a matter of time before we see more headlining performances. For now check out NOIRE at one of their upcoming shows! Those Days is now available on iTunes.

Friday March 6th – Yardfest

w/ Laurels, Walking Who, Spookyland + more in support of the Asylum Seekers Centre

Friday March 13th – Captain Cook Hotel




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