Video Premiere: Northeast Party House – Fake Friends

You can tell a lot about a band from their name. You can also tell how good a band is by the amount of friends who have liked the band before you discover them. I’m rather disappointed by the lack of ‘friend’ likes and admittedly, in myself for missing out on all the action until now.

I think I should rekindle my friendship with those not so ‘fake’ friends, because they have good taste in music and there is a true love there that I’ve only just realised. What a shit friend I’ve been, actually…do I even know these people? All well, I think we should be friends anyway, like real friends.

northeast party house

Northeast Party House will go beyond the house party setting with their additive pop-rock-dance sound – techno beats and synths tie it all into one tight bundle of good vibes.

Melbourne’s Northeast Party House are both young in age, spirit and career, having been around since 2010. With Zach Hamilton-Reeves (vocals), Jack Shoe (guitar and bass), Malcolm Besley (drums), Sean Kenihan (synths) , and Mitch Ansell (guitar and bass), the guys were first discovered by triple j unearthed the same year of their formation with the groovy, futuristic indie-rock doozy, Dusk.

Known for their highly electrifying live shows, these guys have forged a sound that will have no trouble acquiring adoration from youngsters, yuppies, oldies, holiday goers, people who need a holiday, intimate live gig enthusiasts, and anti-intimate live gig enthusiasts who won’t be in denial for long as this band breaks their bar/club virginity.  It must be their take on dance music, full of pop and rock hooks, with funky, techno beats and guitar riffs, which paves way for an emerging sound to keep the fans amassing – it’s the harmony between chill instrumentation and beats with bursts of energy throughout. Diversely wayward, these boys are freshly irresistible.

The more I listen to these guys, as I trawl back in time through their YouTube playlist, the more I fall in love – there is more complexity beyond the shenanigans of the music video for Fake Friends. They’ve supported the likes of Jungle Giants, Midnight Juggernauts and Ball Park Music at the Falls and St Kilda festivals and in this case  if you liked the main acts, you would’ve wished you were around for the support because they would’ve been your new favs.

The accomplished 10 track debut album of Any Given Weekend, released  through Stop Start Music, will have you cruising and dancing like you are the bomb that has exploded on the dance-floor – no guts, no glory…perhaps the literal meaning of that phrase is a bit graphic for this analogy – no blood shedding from anyone, please . The tracks which eagerly shift between emotional spectrums, alternating with each song in the album, pretty much sums up the unpredictability of a party – the emotional roller-coaster that hasn’t stopped since you boarded it (an album on repeat will give you that infinite impression, plus brake failure of the roller-coaster, but who’s complaining).

Perfectly articulated on triple j unearthed: “Any Given Weekend is Northeast Party House’s ode to partying – the good, the bad and the ugly – and the band members’ gloriously shambolic ride into adulthood. Party guests on Any Given Weekend include love, lust, friendship, bright lights, sticky walls and the odd stimulant, along with songwriting chops aplenty.”

Most of the songs in Any Given Weekend was produced by band members Sean Kenihan and Malcolm Besley in their own home studios. Malcolm’s production experience includes work with the likes of Snakadaktal and The Holidays.

Fake Friends’ infectious danceability makes it one of those songs that you just want to drop everything and spontaneously start dancing- or thrusting as the boys so kindly demonstrate for you.  Seizure induced synths, carefree and pleasantly whiny vocals, riveting guitar hooks that just smack you silly (you saw them coming, and you enjoyed them, don’t lie), the boys make every moment of every day an excuse to dance.

The VHS style music video with the low definition, grainy footage, the spontaneous spasms of coloured and black and whites lines spanning across the screen, follows the boys at their live gigs, partying days, and just general mischievousness as they show off their dance finesse. They will make you wish you lived in the 90s…back when iPhones existed.

The boys have recently come away from their sold out Kick Ons tour along the east coast. So I guess it’s time to tour the north coast, then nationally and internationally. What do you say boys? You keen? Cause we are!



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