Video Premiere: Pretty City – Flying

Ah road trips. Romanticised by the young. Despised by the elderly. Avoided by those with motion sickness. A make or break test in any relationship. A time honoured tradition characterised by junk food, truck stop bathroom horror stories and specially made playlists. Naturally a lot of music videos try to emulate all these feelings, but very few manage to pull it off. Thankfully, the new video for Flying from Pretty City does not disappoint, masterfully capturing the true essence of any road trip.

Pretty City

Perhaps ‘masterfully capture’ isn’t a phrase you’d expect when discussing a road trip video, but I feel it is worth mentioning. The essence of the road trip is one that is actually quite casual. If you’ve ever been on one you’ll know that usually nothing terribly exciting happens once you leave your drive way, and if something did happen it wouldn’t be more whacky then a flat tire or finding somewhere with adequate toilet paper.

But the nature of Flying is a simple one; being in love. The casual nature of the video compliments the maturity of the song. Where is the featured couple going? Who knows? It doesn’t really matter. All that does matter is that they’re together. When you love someone it doesn’t matter if you do nothing, being with them is experience enough. And taking my rose tinted views on romance into consideration, we’re given a cute, relaxed and intimate little clip for Flying.

ROAD TRIP! The new video for Pretty City’s Flying takes you on a cute, romanticised adventure. Where are they going? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is the journey.

The film is given an old-timey treatment, the picture warbling and peppered with those white dots that those of us in the 21st century think is only something accomplished with Adobe After Effects. It adds to the nostalgic elements, of looking at something with sincere fondness. The moment when the couple stops at a cafe complete with the fish and chips sign and Streets flag hanging outside is definitely the moment any seasoned road traveller will nod their head in approval and no doubt begin to reminisce on their own

During the bridge I was expecting a steamy sex scene to liven things up, but was thankfully surprise to get a sneaky kiss from the couple instead (not from to couple to me, I’m talking about me watching the couple, which sounds super creepy). Maturity people. Most videos would dive into some risqué material, but here things are plain and simple, no bullshit needed thanks.

Pretty City are playing a couple more shows before the 2014 comes to an end, be sure to check out the dates below to see the band, or keep an eye on their socials for the latest news.

Dec 19: 24 Moons Northcote w/ Rollercanes and Dear Thieves

Dec 31: NYE The Espy St Kilda w/ Kingswood, DZ Deathrays and More



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