Video Premiere: Vowel Movement – To Get Things Right

Who doesn’t love a good doco? Whether it be the calm, reassuring tones of the great David Attenborough, or the mouth full of his own piss grunts of Bear Grylls, those English accents are our guide to nature and the world we didn’t know was out there. It’s a wonderful chance to explore that big, wide world without having your arse leave the comfort of your couch. So today we are in for a treat as we are granted exclusive access to footage of the talented Zack MacPherson, the professional yeti hunter, as he scours the north-south quadrant of the Stevenson McVie ranges, along with his trusty cameraman Barry. Will he find the elusive Australasian Yeti? Well, you’ll have to watch our video premiere from Vowel Movement to find out!

Vowel Movement

Let the Yeti hunting madness begin! Check out Happy’s premiere of Vowel Movement’s new single To Get Things Right!

Okay, okay. This obviously isn’t an actual yeti hunting video, so all you skeptics and believers alike can calm down. C’mon, relax. In case you didn’t know, Vowel Movement are a five piece troupe who hail from Melbourne. They specialise in some sunny guitar tones and sombre vocals, whilst featuring some nice harmonies from the backing vocals. Their music is still quite fresh on the market, but they certainly display signs of maturity, and if they continue to push themselves musically rather than be cornered in the guitar-pop genre Vowel Movement can have a very bright future ahead of them. Be sure to check out their song Hotel Sorrento, it really captures the potential of this band.

The clip for Vowel Movement’s second single To Get Things Right comes off the band’s debut EP And Sometimes Why. The song in itself is a reflection on an individual’s actions and a desire to not act compulsively or irrationally. It is a song that sees one strive to serve the greater good rather than service themselves*

Which fits perfectly with this clip. The clip follows the aforementioned documentarian MacPherson as he explores the bush encountering all sorts of majestic wildlife, all the while searching for his rare Australasian Yeti. You can tell the band had a hell of a lotta fun making this clip, gathering their mates and putting on silly animal costumes for the video. What is truly hilarious is the unicorn prancing in the background unbeknownst to the seasoned explorer. Things take a turn for the worst when old mate Barry is slaughtered by a tiger, forcing our hero to survive in the wild eating Vegemite from the jar with his scarf in shambles. When he stumble across his yeti will it mean certain death? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

Looking towards the new year Vowel Movement have a big tour of Australia and New Zealand coming up to launch the And Sometimes Why EP, so if you did enjoy all the furry madness in the above clip I recommend you get yourself a ticket now, or maybe as a Christmas gift for that special yeti loving someone. Dates below:

Thursday, 8 January – Wine Cellar, Auckland

9-12 January – Chronaphonium

Monday, 12 January – Lucha Lounge, Auckland

Thursday, 15 January – Great Job, Palmerston North

Saturday, 17 January – Moon, Wellington

Sunday, 18 January – Cosies Teahouse, Wellington

Thursday 12 February – The Gasometer, Melbourne

Saturday 21 February – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

Saturday 28 February – The Metro, Adelaide

*Get your minds out of the gutter.



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