Viet Cong- Throw It Away

Our current times are slowly being predicated by a wonderful rise in post punk jollity and Viet Cong are absolutely no exception to this rule.

Viet Cong band

A single to help you slip into a daydream and another to get you up and dancing. Viet Cong have got the balance down pat.

Hailing from Canada-town, the band are a four piece pumping out was has been described as “labyrinthe post-punk” – except there are no wailing 70’s pop stars at the end of this labyrinth just some sweet, sweet tunes. If you didn’t have a another reason to get into some more post punk let Viet Cong’s Bandcamp be the exception.

In case, we had you wondering, yes Viet Cong are formerly of Women who broke up after an onstage fight. They’ve now reformed as the war-themed band ‘Viet Cong’ and boy was it an accurate theme. Their sound brings the listeners back to the groovy 70’s and you can just imagine doing the jitterbug on top of a tank. The band have two tracks up right now entitled Unconscious Melody and Throw It Away.

Unconscious Melody is a smooth track with smoother vocals and, of course, a twangy accompaniment on the lead guitar. Unconscious Melody is the kind of track that has the listener sitting up and paying attention whilst soothing you off into dreamland simultaneously. Whereas Throw It Away definitely demands that you get up and jump around a bit with some intimidatingly good riffs and emphatic vocals.

Viet Cong’s are one of the only bands on the scene at the moment making absolutely wholesome, un-musically interrupted rock in their genre. They have a strong well-formulated sound meaning that you can listen to all of their tracks without feeling jarred in anyway. You always feel as though you are in sophisticated jungle-boogeying hands and the tirelessly optimistic vibes will put a spring in your step at the end of a long day.



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