A video exposing PornHub has gone viral with million views

A viral video calling out PornHub for “enabling and profiting off of the mass sex trafficking, rape and exploitation of women and minors.”

Over two million people have signed a petition to have PornHub shut down.

The campaign, dubbed #Traffickinghub, is a fast-growing global movement that is calling for the closure of the site. Now, a video attached to the campaign has gone viral with millions of views across Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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“Pornhub is the largest and most popular porn site in the world, owned by mega-porn parent company MindGeek, Pornhub averages 42 billion visits per year. That’s 115 million visits every day,” the video describes.

It goes on to point out that all the content on the site is user-generated, resulting in a staggering 6 million new videos each year, an amount of footage that would take 169 years to watch.

“Pornhub has become the global epicentre of internet pornography,” it continues. “The company makes hundreds of millions of dollars through ad revenue, data collection, and premium subscriptions. And it’s blatantly enabling and profiting from rape, sexual abuse, and child sex trafficking.”

The video then goes on to list a series of case examples in which such sexual crimes were captured in footage uploaded to Pornhub. These include instances where victims were kept waiting for months before Pornhub finally removed the videos in question. In a figure provided by the Internet Watch Foundation, in only two years, 118 cases of child rape and trafficking were found on Pornhub.

Finally, the video states that failing to have a system to reliably verify the age or consent of anyone featured in the videos they profit from, Pornhub is complicit.

“The largest porn site in the world makes it insanely easy for users to upload videos of real sexual violence, and in doing so, they forever memorialize the trauma of their victims,” it continues. “All for the profits and pleasure of Pornhub and its users. It’s time to shut down Pornhub, and hold them accountable for the rape, trafficking, and sexual abuse that they enable and profit from.”

Watch the video below and head to the #TraffickingHub petition for more information.