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Viryl Technologies have announced their new online ‘Global Pressing Plant’

While records are traditionally pressed in one specific location, and then shipped across the world, Canadian record manufacturing company Viryl Technologies have announced a new online system that’s set to change everything.

Titled PhonoHive, the system allows record labels to submit their orders online and select the quantities, location, and shipping dates required.

Canadian record manufacturing company Viryl Technologies have announced their new PhonoHive HQ system; an online “global pressing plant“.

One lacquer will be cut, and from the mother as many stampers as necessary will be made and shipped to the production plants to ensure quality,” Viryl Technologies tell The Vinyl Factory.

Test pressings will be completed at PhonoHive HQ and once approved the job will be distributed to plants for production.”

The new technology is made possible because all of the company’s WarmTone machines are connected via ‘the cloud’.

“On a WarmTone or LiteTone when test pressings are produced, operators save the settings on their machine for that TP, which allows them to re-upload the settings once approved for production,” VT continue.

“This is a true representation of the test pressing that has been approved. These TP approval settings will be uploaded to each machine involved in global production to ensure consistent quality.

“PhonoHive then distributes the order across its network of pressing plants using Viryl’s Warm-Tone record pressing machines. When asked how the system will be integrated with existing orders, VT explained: “PhonoHive will be granted capacity for incoming orders at a set turnaround time of 6-8 weeks.”

Watch a short video explaining the new scheme above.

Via The Vinyl Factory.


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July 19, 2018

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