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Thank god! There now exists a giant, shirtless Jeff Goldblum statue

If you’re ever feeling a little low, just remember that the universe is 13.8 billion years-old, and somehow you managed to exist at the same time as this giant statue of a shirtless Jeff Goldblum.

That is a beautiful thing, my friend. This is a masterpiece… and arguably one of the greatest achievements of modern art.

For so long, people have been preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should… build a 25-foot statue of a shirtless Jeff Goldblum.

Erected in London’s Potters Field Park, the 25-foot behemoth depicts Goldblum staring seductively out into the distance.

We all know that epic scene in Jurassic Park where the iconic actor is sprawled out, moist with sweat, and for reasons unknown, shirtless.

Well, that legendary scene premiered 25 years ago… and what better way to celebrate its anniversary than with this beautiful piece of art.

Many figures in the art world are hailing the sculpture as “the new Mona Lisa,” while others are comparing its detailed construction to that of the Sistine Chapel.

This is a monumental day in our evolution, and I’m damn proud to witness it all happen.

Life is good, everybody. Life is good.

Via Vice.


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July 19, 2018

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