‘President for life’: Vladimir Putin could be President till 2036

Like Dua Lipa, President Putin has new rules, allowing him to continue running for elections after his consecutive term expires in 2024.

On Monday, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, gave final approval to legislation allowing him to stay President for two additional six-year terms.

There is a possibility that Putin could stay in power until 2036, at which point he would be 83-years-old.

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Image: TheSun.ie


Putin has already been in power for two decades, serving four terms in total. It’s like a child asking for just two more stories before bed even though he has already had four, except that child is a 68-year-old dictator.

The way that the legislation came about is truly nutty. The term-reset was due to constitutional reforms, including economic measures and an effective ban on gay marriage. When Russians were asked to vote, they had to vote yes or no to the entire bundle of amendments, as opposed to each individual reform. You don’t want Putin to stay in office but you do want gay marriage? Too bad! You apparently can’t have it both ways.

Russian authorities have said that the move was aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus but critics said it left the process open to manipulation, according to SBS News.

Russians ultimately voted 78 per cent in favour of the changes, although Golos, an independent election monitor said it received “hundreds of complaints of violations, including people voting multiple times”.

“They really think that if they managed to deceive human laws, then they will be able to deceive the laws of nature,” opposition politician, Yevgeny Roizman wrote on Twitter.

Kremlin opponents have previously hinted that the reforms were a pretext to allow Mr Putin to become “president for life”. Oh nyet.