PREMIERE: Voidhood’s debut single Gillotine is grimy, unnerving, and completely unique

Being a young artist can be tough. There’s a perpetual dread that you could sink at any moment. These are the themes that inspired Voidhood’s debut single Gillotine.

According to the artist, Gillotine is about “sinking or swimming as a 19 year old in a world that is literally headed underwater“.

Anna Grubel voidhood
Photo: Anna Grubel

On his debut single Gillotine, Canberra artist Voidhood shapes a unique and endearing first offering that sounds as though it’s been picked straight out of the gutter.

Voidhood is the bedroom project of Canberra’s Will Klep, who in this gloriously bizarre new song melds together such a broad range of genres that there’s no point listing them all here.

Klep wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the new song entirely himself inside a “dimly-lit Canberra bedroom,” giving the track a brilliant DIY charm.

The result is a genuinely unique track that simultaneously feels grimy and refreshing. The artist’s baritone growl is unnerving, like some debauched horror flick you can’t seem to look away from.

With a range of influences that spans from King Krule to Tom Waits to Death Grips, Voidhood embraces the best qualities of these artists, while forming a sound that is entirely his own.

Gillotine is the first offering from Voidhood’s debut six-track EP, to be released later this year.

While you’re waiting for that, do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.