‘Vote #1 Homer Simpson’ campaign posters are mysteriously appearing in Canberra

Through a tumultuous year, perhaps leadership from the beloved Homer Simpson is what we truly need?

The hopelessly loveable Homer Simpson seems to have expanded his interests from doughnuts, beer, and causing havoc for his Springfield family, to politics in Canberra.

That’s right, “Vote #1 Homer Simpson” posters keep mysteriously appearing around the nation’s capital. Maybe, just maybe, this could be the start of 2020’s upwards spiral?

Homer Simpson canberra
Photo: Fox Broadcasting Company

You heard correct! In none other than Australia’s political hub, Homer Simpson has seemingly entered the political arena with swagger. While earlier in the year, a senior Trump advisor was involved in quite the tussle with his wife Marge, it seems that it’s finally the big dog’s time for the spotlight.

“Vote #1 Homer Simpson” campaign signs have begun popping up in and around Canberra, sparking some slightly above average banter on Reddit. One user wrote, “If this is real, I’m moving to Canberra just to vote.” Good one.

Another Reddit user raised plausible concerns surrounding Homer’s past record with economic management, questioning whether he was the right man for the job. “When this guy was elected sanitation commissioner of another town – Springfield – I think its name was… He blew the entire years budget in a month!” A solid point, but at least Homer didn’t go on holidays while his country was on fire.

According to the campaign material, Homer seems to be head of the “We Hate Stupid Flanders Party”, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but might just be wild enough to score the votes of a few fence-sitters. So there you have it: Labor, Liberal, Greens, and We Hate Stupid Flander. Only time will tell if Homer reaches high office on October 17th or, at the very least, will make his name onto the ballot paper. Knowing Australia, he just might.

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