VRDA’s ‘Little Birdie’ is an immersive dream-pop journey

Drawing on a rich blend of influences, VRDA has created an ethereal dream-pop adventure in her brand new single, Little Birdie. 

Sydney-based self-produced artist VRDA creates a soundworld that envelops the listener in blooms of synth, violin, and vocals. In her new single, Little Birdie, this sense of ethereal wonder is grounded by beats that hit hard and a sense of urgency that creates complimentary moods: energy and introspection.

Set to appear on her debut EP, Honey Organza, it’s an enticing glimpse at an artist who naturally creates refreshing pop soundscapes on a cinematic scale.


Little Birdie greets you with flowing lyrical phrases. From the get-go, you’re placed in VRDA’s electronic environment — her vocals coloured with subtle harmony and reverb, underpinned with a heavy bassline.

The track is then infused with energy, introducing a kick drum that propels you forward. The bass and kick also serve to lend the track a familiar structure, while VRDA’s vocal phrases playfully shrink and stretch, leaving unpredictable breaks of silence. The effect is disorienting and surprising: like all great stories, you never know what’s going to happen next.

Speaking of surprise, there are two distinct approaches to melody in Little Birdie. The verses aim downwards and inwards, while the choruses open up brightly; an anthem for the dancefloor that perfectly reflects the track’s theme of embracing the unknown.

Check out Little Birdie below: