WA nurse facing charges after deliberately pretending to vaccinate teen

Western Australia police allege that a 51-year-old registered nurse deliberately faked the COVID vaccination of a teenager.

The nurse in question, who administers COVID vaccines at a private medical centre in St James, allegedly inserted the needle but did not administer the dose.

This occurred in full view of a supervising doctor and was administered to a patient known to her and their teenage child on Sunday.

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“It will be alleged the nurse inserted the needle into the teenager’s arm, but failed to administer the vaccine,” WA Police said in a statement.

“It will be further alleged the syringe, with vaccine liquid still inside, was disposed of and a false entry was made on the medical records system indicating the teenager had received the dose of the vaccine.”

The investigation was initiated after a report from the medical centre to WA police. This comes after other reports from doctors around the country being asked to fake vaccinations in exchange for money.

“Lots of patients have [offered cash],” Dr Catherine Orr, a GP specialising in COVID-19 management in Melbourne, told The Guardian.

“The state community health organisations have a collaborative, and $3,000 is the highest that as a collaborative we have been offered. For my individual clinic, I think the ‘best offer was $500. Clearly, we refuse.”

Dr Karen Price, The president of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, said to The Guardian, “this is a significant issue and it’s affecting GPs and practice teams across the country,”

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This news comes as Australia has vaccinated almost 90% (first dose) of its population and NSW is fast approaching an astounding 95% first dose vaccination rate.

Dr Price went on to say, “There are some patients who are strongly against vaccination and heavily influenced by misinformation. Some patients are aggressive and abusive, demanding an exemption when not fitting the clear criteria.”