Steve Aoki is selling $4 million worth of Pokémon cards

Steve Aoki is selling about $4 million worth of merchandise in collaboration with TCGplayer, including Pokémon cards.

Known as a Grammy-nominated DJ, fashion designer, producer, and record label founder amongst other things, Steve Aoki’s latest business venture involves selling Pokémon TCG cards and mystery boxes containing clothes, records, meet-and-greet passes, and physical merchandise. Announcing the drop, he shared:

“My journey into card collecting was initially about connecting with a new community, as the pandemic made it impossible for me to play shows, tour or be with my fans. As my love for the hobby grew, I started thinking about new ways to bring the products that got me hooked on collecting to a community that has embraced me from the start… I look forward to dropping new products on TCGplayer every week!”

STeve Aoki Pokémon Cards
Image: TCGplayer

The TCGplayer website lists three tiers of mystery boxes; Magma, Gold, and Diamond. Each box contains several random graded Pokémon cards, but are mostly for Steve Aoki merchandise. Players will also be pleased to know that the cards in Aoki’s TCGplayer listings have been sealed and authenticated by PSA, a third-party company that specialises in TCG verification, so players can be certain of a card’s value and authenticity.

Pokémon cards have become a lucrative business these past few years, with an old Charizard card fetching a whopping $300,000 USD at an auction. Unfortunately, this has caused the number of scalpers looking to make a quick buck to increase drastically, causing box shortages worldwide as shops struggle to deal with the limited supply and overwhelming demand.

Hopefully, Aoki’s collaboration with TCGplayer will allow players to acquire some of the missing cards they’ve been looking out for.

You can check out Steve Aoki’s Pokémon card listing on TCGplayer here.