A closed box of Pokémon cards just sold for a cruisy $684,000

The very happy owner of a closed box of first edition Pokémon cards just auctioned them for $684,000.

If you’re wondering, $530,000 USD (around $684,000 AUD) is exactly enough money to tell your high school bullies to go fuck themselves for calling you lame for liking Pokémon cards. The insane value comes from the fact that the cards are completely untouched.

The box contains 36 booster packs, each booster pack contains 11 cards. That’s 396 first editions in minty fresh condition.

All first edition box sets are printed from the standard list of 228 cards (including energy, trainer and the Pokémon cards themselves). Obviously, not all Pokémon were printed in equal amounts, but that still gives an absolutely buntah chance of scoring some serious goodness from the cards inside.

If there’s a Charizard inside, you’re looking at making $300,000 back straight away.

There’s no greater roll of the dice than the first edition booster packs. The fact that we just don’t know what’s on the inside has speculation running wild, perhaps more so than the cold hard knowledge of what would be inside the booster box.

The new owner has a choice to make, they could just sit on the sealed box for a year or two and then shift it onto the next hopeful dreamer with a cool half mil to blow, or they can rip open the packs, preferably on some kind of live stream, and let us all know what glory or failure lies within.

We live in a wild world, the ridiculous price of these cards just seems to add to that. Stonks go up, stonks go down, but it’s clear that Pokémon cards reign supreme.

Don’t believe us? Catch these grown-ass men lose their minds in a recent opening: