Waking Dreams end three-year hiatus with pop rock sophomore album ‘Sliding Lines’

After departing to focus on solo projects, Berlin-based duo Waking Dreams have finally reunited on Sliding Lines, a love letter to rock which proves that “sometimes you need to expend energy elsewhere to fit back together.”   

Waking Dreams have returned from a three-year hiatus with Sliding Lines, a just-released album that serves as the band’s sophomore full-length effort.

Honing in on their well-crafted flair for 80’s pop rock, the Berlin-based two-piece — composed of guitarist Jason Letkiewicz and vocalist Angela Chambers — cover the gamut of relentless rock to slow-tempo ballads, with assists from percussion contributor Angela.

Waking Dreams album 'Sliding Lines'
Credit: Katja Renner

Sliding Lines spans thirteen tracks, and kicks off with the tambourine-infused opener For You. 

Adopting the throaty vocals that have become her signature, Chambers sings of clearing her mind along scattered roads, with an electric guitar riff soundtracking her journey.

Letkiewicz contributes gritty guitar licks as Chambers croons about not “be[ing] enough for you,” with a fading outro making way for the soft-rock glory of second track Glance. Guided by a steady bassline and the sporadic jangle of finger-picked guitar. “Even though it seems heavy,” Chambers sings atop rich reverb, “just look into his eyes. 

Sliding Lines reaches its groovier strides on Best Of, which serves as a showcase of Chambers deep vocal range. With a sauntering bassline and ascendent backing harmonies, the fourth track sets out a new direction for the album, complete with subtle drum sequences and the overall feel of a spaghetti western film.

Tackling country-leaning guitar on Absorb, Chambers opts for an enchanting drawl while Letkiewicz serves a twangy guitar melody. 

Waking Dreams veer towards infectious pop on the foot-tapping frenzy that is Lie. Complete with an earworm hook and call-and-response vocal asides, the eighth track paves the way for the Beatles-indebted follow-up of Chances.

Waking Dreams album 'Sliding Lines'
Credit: Abe Sanders

Perhaps the album’s sunniest entrant, Chances sees Waking Dreams try their hand at fuzz rock, complete with the kind of guitar licks that might soundtrack a summer’s afternoon. It makes for the perfect preamble to the title track, which pairs ambient instrumentation with musings on reality and consciousness. 

“Back to the places we started from,” Chambers whispers atop nostalgic strums and rich synths, “and you were never there, so why should I come?”. Waking Dreams arrive confidently at a grungier sound on penultimate track Beg, with Chambers’ vocals verging on rasp as Letkiewicz offers noisy instrumentation.

The band closes proceedings with final track Tell, which follows the cadence of KISS’ I Was Made for Lovin’ You and proves a worthy culmination of the duo’s love affair with classic rock. 

Sliding Lines serves as the follow up to Waking Dreams’ 2020 debut Askew. Following the latter album’s release, Chambers and Letkiewicz briefly departed to work on solo projects, before reuniting for Sliding Lines.

“Sometimes you need to expend energy elsewhere to fit back together,” the duo explained in a press statement. “Sometimes the ideas that you gain, and the experience of working differently with other artists, mean that when you come back together, you tend to bring more to the table.” 

Waking Dreams album 'Sliding Lines'
Credit: Angela Chambers

Listen to Waking Dreams’ new sophomore album Sliding Lines below, and head here to find out more info about the band.