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Walrus Audio: Canvas Passive Re-Amp

Give your track some easy analog vibes.

Let me tell you about the most useful, least exciting piece of kit on our desk and in our recording rig. The Walrus Canvas Passive Re-Amp will be your new desk mate for giving your in the box tracks some life with big amp tones and all of your favourite effects pedals.


The basic gist of a Re-Amp box is simple – it takes the line level signal coming out of the output of your interface and amplifies it to instrument level so that it can be sent back to your pedal-board and/or your amplifier.

The Canvas Re-Amp throws together everything you need from a re-amper as well as a couple of extra thoughtful goodies such as a ground lift to fend off pesky ground loop noise, a mute switch, a phase flip switch and a high pass filter to prevent any unnecessary rumble during the re-amping process.

Guitar DI

Now, being able to re-track your live guitars with new and improved amp tones is all good fun but let’s talk about the real exciting thing that the Canvas Re-Amp offers.

Like many I started out in my bedroom learning the ropes with my DAW and using plugins to make my earliest (and pretty average to be honest) music. Before long the lure of analog gear took hold, but the bank account just couldn’t support my newfound desires.

Guitar Amp

As a guitarist however I had a good number of pedals. That’s where the Canvas Re-Amp comes in. You can dip your toes into the world of analog, outboard mixing by reamping your recorded signals and sending them out to your pedalboard through the Canvas Re-Amp to create a little analog mixing chain.

And not just your guitars – you can put any of your recorded signals through this. Add reverb to vocals or crush your drums with your favourite distortion pedal.

Another one of my favourite things to do is to send DI keyboards out through an amp on a parallel track to give them some grit and vibe.

The humble re-amp pedal is a must have for any studio owner and if you’re gonna jump into the world of re-amping why not go with the custom wound transformers and versatility of the Walrus Audio Canvas Re-Amp.


You can pick up a Canvas Re-Amp at your favourite music store for 250 AUD.

Head over to their website to find out more: