Humble The Great just released a little something special for our ears: ‘Pink Dress’

Humble The Great has dropped a sweet lil magical gem of a tune that is going to make your day.

Humble The Great has been making waves in the underground R&B scene over in London, and he’s just released a little something special for our ears: ‘Pink Dress’, dropped courtesy of Neighbourhood Recordings¬† (the legends behind Dave and Kamal).

His R&B melodies have that sweet pop touch, and vocally, he’s got this magnetic pull that just draws you right in. This new track, is the total package, an introspective gem, that wraps you up in its heartfelt embrace.

Humble’s been making music since he was practically knee-high, strumming away on his guitar, teaching himself bass, piano, and drums. Hell, he even formed a band when he was just 12!

After getting his sound engineering stripes from the Abbey Road Institute, he dove into honing his craft, making a name for himself in the writing and producing scene, which includes taking the reins as executive producer for Amie Blu’s latest project.

Emotional authenticity is Humble’s sweet spot. He’s got a natural talent for weaving his silky, calming vocals with subtle avant-garde arrangements adding that extra something special that hooks you and doesn’t let go.

‘Pink Dress’, though, that’s a whole different flavour. It’s like a serenade wrapped in music, a glimpse into Humble’s one-of-a-kind writing style, and a teaser of what’s still in store.

Keep those ears peeled, friends, Humble The Great’s star is on the rise.