Clique Petit take a moment to breathe in the experience of being a local artist with new single ‘Lungful’

Blurring genre lines, and pushing boundaries, Sydney’s DII Harré, known as Clique Petit, releases the captivating ‘Lungful’

Sydney based songwriter and musician DII Harré AKA Clique Petit takes another stab at redefining what it means to be truly genre-less with Lungful.

With an indisputably hooky chorus and verses full of spoken-word poetry, Lungful has all the hallmarks of a breakthrough single. 

Clique Petit

Produced by Dan of Overgrown Studios, Lungful preaches of the dichotomy of reaching for success in such a competitive and unpredictable industry, the sway between hope and melancholia amidst the drive to always keep striving.

Relatable for any artist, Clique Petit has created something both specific and broadly representative with Lungful. What is usually a bedroom project, Lungful soars in its production, perhaps a taste of what Clique Petit is capable of when offered the opportunity to expand. 

Written back in 2019, Lungful is still immensely apt in its modernity. Reminiscent of Hilltop Hoods, the single oscillates between brutal honesty and jovial commentary on Clique Petit’s inner psyche.

Delightful introspective without becoming pretentious, Harré comfortably laments on both his inner and outer experience as a musician. Led by an acoustic guitar loop and a hi-hat heavy trap beat, Clique’s delicate and mesmerizing tone is similar to that of Jesse Rutherford of the Neighborhood, the whole track emulating some of the latter’s more notable moments.

I love it ‘cause I’m broken / and broken’s all the rage, a demonstration of the exact dichotomy of Clique Petit’s existence. Undeniably memorable, the chorus is both a catchy and buoyant offering, one that glues itself to listeners as if it has always been there. 

Clique Petit’s inspirations for Lungful are clear, a dose of Steve Lacy and Portishead, with a number of other influences bouncing in between the layers of Lungful. Full of passion and confidence, Lungful stands a little taller than Clique Petit’s previous releases.

Whether it’s the added production or the topic itself, or perhaps just a natural evolution, Lungful feels familiar in a way that engenders a sense of compassion. If Clique Petit continue on this route, their story of success may become a different one. 

Listen to Lungful below. 

Review by Caitlin Norris