Mr. Finn’s ‘Rainsticks’ perfect for lounging or adventuring, joint optional

In the ever-evolving world of psychedelic rock, Brisbane’s own Mr. Finn presents a sonic delight titled “Rainsticks.”

In this latest creation, Mr. Finn explores the sensory experience of altered states, drawing inspiration from the evocative soundscapes of Tame Impala and the dreamy shoegaze vibes synonymous with Slowdive.

This blend of influences is a testament to the band’s knack for creating music that hits you on a deep, visceral level. The only way to write, is to write what you know, and in this essence, it’s like they’ve captured lightning in a bottle.

mr finn

This gem fits in effortlessly, whether you’re chilling on a couch or cruising through life, with or without a joint in hand.

With Aysha Swanson’s graceful guitar and vocals, Sacha Zarew’s lead guitar, Finn Easson’s rhythmic drumming, and Luca Cotroneo’s grounding bass, Mr. Finn invites us into a world painted with the rich colours of Australian psych sounds, from Pond’s dreamy landscapes to Tame Impala’s pulsating rhythms.

And they don’t stop there; international inspirations like Wolf Alice, Mazzy Star, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre add their own shades to this captivating palette.

“Rainsticks” begins with a gentle embrace, a psych-rock lullaby that cradles you before transitioning into an upbeat tempo with hints of jazz sensibilities. Imagine if Jimi Hendrix’s spirit had a tranquil, yet equally mesmerising, guitar-playing sibling.

Vocally, it’s a love affair with shoegaze, an ethereal realm where every word is an echo of raw emotion. The vocal composition pays homage to the queen of shoegaze, Snail Mail, with introspection seamlessly woven with a touch of charm.

In terms of production, Mr. Finn strikes a perfect balance between precision and poetry. Their sound is a blend of shoegaze and psych rock perfection, where instruments and vocals meld harmoniously.

mr finn

It’s also a nod to the golden era of rock, where music wasn’t just heard, but felt in every fiber of your being.

As “Rainsticks” comes to a close, the sound of rain sticks sweeps you away, leaving you feeling whole and grounded, like the very foundation upon which shoegaze stands.

Kudos to Mr. Finn for crafting a symphony that embraces the senses, creating an experience that transcends mere sound.

Mark your calendars for October 22nd. Mr. Finn invites you to join them at Black Bear Lodge for the grand unveiling of “Rainsticks.”

The evening promises a psychedelic journey, curated alongside Brissy bands Phantasm St, Rosemine, and Vinted Vineer.

Together, they’ll lead you through a night of musical psych rock that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.