Yours & Owls Festival 2023: Happys Must Sees

We are in love, with a lineup that has been hand-delivered by the Gong Gods themselves. Thank you, Gong Gods!

Prepare to dive headfirst into a mind-bending kaleidoscope of musical genius at Yours & Owls Festival 2023! This electrifying event, taking place on October 14th and 15th, 2023, at the University of Wollongong, serves as a testament to the awe-inspiring talent emanating from both Wollongong and the global stage.

Picture yourself in a coastal paradise where the air crackles with vibrant energy, and the stage is set for an unforgettable bash. This is where the music lovers and free spirits of the universe converge to revel in the mind-blowing spectacle of Yours & Owls Festival.

yours and owls

We have been buzzing with excitement as we eagerly anticipate Yours and Owls Festival’s stellar lineup, featuring Oliver Tree’s manic pop mood that slaps you upside the head, Aussie royalty Hilltop Hoods, punk legends Descendents who are still putting out the goods, the sweet indie stylings of Bakar, the captivating lyricism of Earl Sweatshirt, the infectious melodies of Peach Pit, the ethereal sounds of Broods who blew us away with “Fuck My Money,” the mesmerizing rock tunes of Ocean Alley, and the dreamy shoegaze vibes of Fazerdaze. Adding to the mix are Forest Claudette, Daily J, Teenage Dads, The Terrys, The Rions, Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers, and the Gong’s own rising star, Stevan.

The lineup is the best it has ever been, blowing our little minds with so much music candy, we are liable to never sleep again, due to being in a sweet sweet sugar music coma.

Yes, there is a damn fine lineup, and here are our must-sees that we are hanging for.

Happy’s Must-Sees at Yours & Owls Festival 2023

oliver tree

Oliver Tree: Prepare to have your senses assaulted by Oliver Tree’s manic pop mood that slaps you upside the head. His energetic and eccentric performances are guaranteed to leave you breathless and craving more.

hilltop hoods

Hilltop Hoods: Aussie royalty in the hip-hop scene, Hilltop Hoods are masters at delivering powerful rhymes and infectious beats. Get ready to groove to their signature sound and witness their undeniable stage presence.


Descendents: Punk legends who are still putting out the goods, Descendents will bring their raw energy and rebellious spirit to the stage. Brace yourself for a high-octane performance that will satiate the punk rock in us all.


Bakar: With his sweet indie stylings, Bakar effortlessly blends genres and creates a sound that is uniquely captivating. Prepare to be swept away by his infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyricism.

earl sweatshirt


Earl Sweatshirt: Known for his introspective and poetic approach to hip-hop, Earl Sweatshirt is a true wordsmith. Experience the depth of his lyrical prowess as he takes the stage and delves into the complexities of life and art.

peach pit

Peach Pit: Get ready to bask in the sun-soaked indie vibes of Peach Pit. Their irresistible melodies and catchy hooks will have you swaying and singing along in no time, creating an atmosphere of pure bliss.

Forest Claudette: a force of nature with phenononomal vocals, killer production, honest as hell lyrics and all round genius talent – case in point their recent offering ‘Two Years’ have us positively swooning.


Broods: The dreamy realm od the Broods, with their ethereal sounds. Their mesmerizing music and haunting vocals will leave you captivated, taking you on a sonic journey that will linger in your mind long after the festival ends.

Ocean Alley deepest darkness

Ocean Alley: Infectious rock tunes, and charismatic stage presence, their soulful melodies and tight harmonies create an irresistible energy that will have you dancing and singing along with the crowd.


Fazerdaze: Indulge in the dreamy shoegaze vibes of Fazerdaze. With their hazy guitar tones and ethereal vocals, her performance is sure to transport you to a blissful state of musical euphoria.


Stevan: Don’t miss the rising star from the Gong itself, Stevan. With his soulful voice and captivating stage presence, he is set to make waves and leave a lasting impression with his unique blend of R&B and pop-infused sounds.

So pack your bags, gather your tribe, and join us as we embark on a journey to the heart of this extraordinary coastal oasis. Let’s soak in the splendor, dance like nobody’s watching, and create memories that will forever be etched in our souls. Get ready to have your mind blown and your spirit lifted at Yours & Owls Festival 2023!

Yours & Owls Festival 2023

Yours & Owls Festival 2023

Bakar| Broods |Chet Faker

Descendents | Earl Sweatshirt

Golden Features | Hilltop Hoods

Hobo Johnson | Lil Tjay | Masego

Meg Mac | Ocean Alley | Oliver Tree | Peach Pit

Safia | Vera Blue

Angel Du$t | Big Wett | Daily J | Dice | Ekkstacy | Fazerdaze

Forest Claudette | James Marriott | King Mala | Old Mervs

Pacific Avenue | Phony Ppl | Redhook | Royal Otis

RVG | Shagrock | Sorry | Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers

Teenage Dads | The Grogans | The Rions | The Terrys

The Vanns | Tia Gostelow | Wallice

Babyface Mal | | Billy Otto | | Full Flower Moon Band

Girl And Girl | Go-Jo | Lazywax | | Phoebe Go | Possehot

Rum Jungle | Stevan | Stumps | These New South Whales | Towns | YB| Wiigz

Das Shmelthaus Line Up

Object Blue B2B, TSVI, Cleo, Club Angel, DJ PGZ, Kornél Kovács, Lauren Hansom B2B Mike Who, Luca Lozano, Sam Alfred, Seb Wildblood, Skatebard, Tangela.

October 14 & 15, 2023, University of Wollongong

Pre Sale Tickets 8 am AEST Wed June 28 (enter the Audience Republic Comp by registering for pre-sale here.

General On Sale Tickets 8 am AEST Thur June 29 at Yours and Owls Festival.