Harmonizing Genres: An intimate conversation with Naked Face on their latest release and musical evolution

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Naked Face as they invite us into an intimate interview, offering a glimpse into their extraordinary artistic journey.

In a conversation with Steve from Naked Face, the genre-bending Australian duo, their latest release “Eyes In Love” takes center stage as a captivating and confident masterpiece. Seamlessly merging the realms of pop and EDM, Naked Face’s musical prowess shines through.

Hailing from Melbourne, they navigate the city’s diverse music scene, shedding light on the impact of the pandemic on live band performances while acknowledging the resurgence of the nightclub culture.

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Driven by a relentless work ethic, Naked Face paints a vivid picture of their daily routine, fueled by the pursuit of their musical aspirations. Their ultimate dream takes them to distant lands, as they envision igniting stages in Argentina and Brazil, embracing the energy of their global fanbase.

Delving deeper into their creative process, Naked Face draws inspiration from EDM heavyweights like Tiesto, MEDUZA, and David Guetta, while also finding solace in the artistry of Twenty One Pilots. Their lyrics echo personal experiences, with “Eyes In Love” delving into themes of heartbreak and betrayal.

naked face

Looking ahead, Naked Face tantalizes with promises of forthcoming releases and an electrifying collaboration with acclaimed EDM producer Klaas.

With gratitude in their hearts, Naked Face’s genuine passion for their craft fuels their mission to create music that resonates deeply with their ever-growing fanbase.

Happy: What are you up to today?

Naked Face: Today doesn’t have too much on.  Luke and I (Steve) are preparing and rehearsing for our upcoming shows in a few weeks, for our ‘club nights’ mini tour.

Once that’s completed, we will then be recording a bunch of content in preparation for our upcoming single ‘Lust in Youth’ which is out in 4 weeks!

After that, we have to answer today’s lot of emails and socials DMs, and post our live cover from our latest show to all our social platforms. The Cover is Sign of The Times – Harry Styles, and we played it at The Penny Black.

When the day has come to its end, we run our activities with our team and plan for the following day.

Happy: Where’s home, and what’s the music scene like in your neck of the woods?

Naked Face: Home is Melbourne, Australia, a city that holds a special place in our hearts. The music scene here is diverse, with various sub-scenes adding their unique flavour to the mix.

It’s a challenge for us to form a solid opinion because there are so many venues hosting live music every weekend and countless bands making their mark. 

We can’t possibly experience them all, which means our take on the scene might be limited.

In our view, COVID dealt a heavy blow to the music scene, almost bringing it to its knees. 

Attendance at live band performances has significantly dropped compared to before the lockdown, especially for genres like rock, indie, and alternative, which used to thrive in smaller venues.

Unless you’re already well-known, it’s hard to draw a crowd. Of course, our perspective is based on the places and bands we’ve come across, so it might not tell the whole story.

On the other hand, the nightclub scene has bounced back with a vengeance after the lockdown. 

It seems that the music played in those venues—EDM, Dance, House, and Minimal—has a broader appeal and attracts larger crowds.

Maybe it’s because these genres are more mainstream. As a band, we’re drawn to that energy, and our direction is moving towards EDM, Dance, and pop. 

Still, we hold onto the hope that Melbourne’s live band scene will rise again. 

There’s so much untapped talent here, and it would be a shame if it went unnoticed.

naked face

Happy: Tell us about your average day.

Naked Face: We try to keep as driven and hardworking in all of our days, in order to get the most done. 

We aim to maintain a consistent and persistent work ethic, driven by our strong motivation to achieve our goals. 

Our priority is to make the most of our time by staying productive and maintaining a positive outlook.

Nevertheless, we’re only human, and sometimes we face difficulties in avoiding distractions and breaking free from bad habits.

Happy:  What about your ultimate day?

Naked Face: Our ultimate day would be the day we get to fly to Argentina and Brazil, to play to our fans and supporters up there. 

Happy:  How did the formation of Naked Face come about, and what inspired you to create music together?

Naked Face: The formation of Naked Face underwent a continuous cycle of auditions and lineup changes, which proved to be an exhausting process for both myself and Luke. 

Factors such as lack of commitment and toxicity added to the challenges we faced. The current lineup of Naked Face has only solidified in the past three months. 

Initially, we were a Punk rock pop band consisting of four members, three of whom have since departed. In 2019, Steve took the initiative to create the band, as he serves as the primary songwriter of the duo. 

Luke joined our ranks towards the end of 2020. What drew us together was a love and passion for music, with a similar mentality and drive.

The tracks released thus far have been the result of collaborative efforts between Steve and his father James; a producer and seasoned drummer. 

James introduced Steve to the world of music at a young age, fostering their songwriting partnership and honing their artistic skills over time. 

Luke has recently been slowly getting involved in the production side of things, and we can’t wait to show the world the new music we have ready to be released. 

Happy:  Tell us about your creative community. Who are some artists or bands that have inspired you?

Naked Face: We draw considerable inspiration from prominent EDM artists such as Tiesto, MEDUZA, and David Guetta, whose innovative works have greatly influenced our musical journey. 

Additionally, our recent immersion in the music of Twenty One Pilots has had a profound impact on our songwriting and production, further shaping our creative process.

Happy:  Were there any specific influences or artists that inspired the lyrical themes and overall sound of  “Eyes In Love”?

naked face

Naked Face: Eye’s in Love was written about our personal experiences with heartbreak and betrayal. 

Our vocalist and songwriter Steve Slik wrote the song about his experience with a troubled , tumultuous and toxic ex relationship and his post surgical oxycodone addiction/medical trauma. 

All the music that we write is inspired by our own life experiences.

Happy:  How would you describe the overall mood and atmosphere of “Eyes In Love”?

Naked Face: The mood is overall dark, uplifting, energetic with sad lyrics and a sad backstory. 

Happy:  What is the significance behind the lyrics “you remind me of it all now/eyes in love with/let it go now/wish you had a soul” in the song?

Naked Face: The lyrics are presented from the perspective of an individual reflecting on a tumultuous past relationship that inflicted emotional wounds. 

This composition draws inspiration from Steve’s personal encounters with a toxic partnership, wherein he endured the pain of being betrayed. 

“You remind me” signifies the protagonist’s recollection of their former significant other, while “Of it all now” encapsulates their revisiting of the events and the profound hurt caused by their ex-partner’s betrayal. 

“Eyes in Love with” expresses the lingering affection for someone who is no longer present, which is why the subsequent lyrics, “Let it go now,” serve as a self-directed encouragement to move forward from the past. 

“Oh no, wish you had a soul” is a poignant line penned by Steve during a period of intense anguish, as his ex-partner, who had also been his closest friend, unexpectedly cheated on him, leaving him profoundly hurt.

Happy:  What can fans expect from Naked Face in the future, and are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you’d like to share with us?

Naked Face: Our movement continues to expand and gain momentum with each passing day. 

We are thrilled to announce the release of three additional singles later this year, followed by a lineup of over six releases planned for the following year.

Notably, our upcoming single, “Lust in Youth,” has been skillfully mixed by renowned EDM Producer Klaas, an exhilarating collaboration that has filled us with anticipation. 

We are eagerly looking forward to sharing this with everyone

Happy:  Lastly, what makes you happy?

Naked Face: We find immense gratitude in the simple yet profound reality of our existence, waking up each day and breathing in the life that surrounds us. 

The privilege of pursuing a full-time music career further amplifies this appreciation, recognizing the rare opportunity to dedicate ourselves entirely to our craft.

The fact we’re making music for people, and hopefully helping them in some way. It’s truly humbling and makes us incredibly happy.