Eyes In Love: Naked Face Blends Pop and EDM in a Captivating Electro-Pop Release

Embark on a sonic journey with electro-pop duo’s Naked Face latest release, “Eyes In Love,” seamlessly merging pop and EDM into a captivating and confident masterpiece.

Electro-pop duo Steve Slik and Luke House of Naked Face solidify their growing presence in the Australian music scene with latest release, Eyes In Love. A captivating and confident foray into the sonic space that exists between pop music and EDM, blending each genre to their will. 

Eyes In Love marks Naked Face’s fourth single release, a precedent of garnering attention already set with a string of #1 spots on Triple J’s Unearthed charts. Naked Face emulate a sound with precision; both nostalgic and comfortable in our modern musical landscape.

naked face

Drawing inspiration from the chart-topping sounds of Sam Sparrow and the atmospheric depths of Depeche Mode, Eyes In Love by Naked Face meticulously crafts an attention-grabbing chorus, anchoring the track around the irresistibly catchy and emotive lyrics: “you remind me of it all now/eyes in love with/let it go now/wish you had a soul.”

Vocalist Steve Slik has the trademark tone of a radio dominating pop star, a tone that lends itself to almost anything. Both harsh and submissive, though undoubtedly demanding. The track is sparse yet decorated with precise layers and melodic interruptions.

Sonically, the production – in particular the bass and synth tones – reproduce a sub-genre of dance-pop that dominated a decade, playing delicately with listeners memories to evoke a somewhat immediate affection.  

Though Eyes In Love doesn’t instantly conjure feelings of desperation, the themes that Slik hopes to explore simmer gently beneath the surface. Of course, the song inquires into the experience of a deteriorating relationship, yet lyrically Slik is offering a vulnerable take on addiction.

Like all good lyricists, Slik leaves space for abstract interpretation and application to one’s own life, without remaining so vague that we are left with nothing to grasp. 

Naked Face take another stride towards their self-actualisation as a burgeoning pop highlight of the Austrian music industry. With unshakeable confidence and a knack for imitation, – in the most affirming sense of the word – Naked Face are exacting a formula that preens them for success. 

Stream Eyes In Love and more of Naked Face below. 

Reviewed by Caitlin Norris