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Walrus Audio launch the masterful EB-10 for all preamp, EQ, and boost needs

Walrus Audio have just released the EB-10 a preamp, EQ, and boost pedal all in one, promising a “studio-grade electric guitar tone in a live setting.”

The EB-10 consists of three rotary controls, each allowing you to either boost or cut up to 12dB of low, mid, and high frequencies in 3dB increments. The three toggle switches below the controls enable you to choose whether you want to them to be cutting or boosting.Walrus Audio EB10

Walrus Audio have just released the EB-10, a studio-grade sounding preamp, EQ, and boost pedal all in one, for all your live guitar needs.

An earlier incarnation of the EB-10 was previously released in 2018, as Ryan Adams’ signature pedal, Defcon4. However, after allegations of sexual misconduct were brought against the singer, Walrus Audio discontinued the pedal, following suit with other companies like JHS pedals and Benson Amps.

However, now the pedal is back, rebranded as the EB-10, and incorporating a few tweaks to make it better than ever. The pedal offers over 700 EQ combinations, and there’s also a 10dB MOSFET boost for when you really want to get loud.

The EB-10 is available in cream or matte black and is available now for $299 (USD). A portion of all proceeds will also be donated to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Head over to the Walrus Audio website for more information.

Check out a demo of the EB-10 below.